45 Typical Sources Of EMF-Radiation At Home (With Numbers)

More and more gadgets and electronic devices find their way into our homes. Many of these devices emit radiation due to wireless signals or electric fields.

We have taken our EMF meter around the house in order to find as many problematic devices as possible.

We hope this list will reveal some of the major EMF sources to you so you can protect your family from radiation.

Abbreviations used in this article:
EMF: Electromagnetic Fields (All types of radiation)
RF: Radio Frequencies (Radiation from wifi, cell towers, and other wireless technologies)
ELF: Extreme Low Frequencies (Radiation from power lines)
EHS: Electro-Hypersensitivity (Syndrome where you are very sensitive to EMF radiation)
V/m: Volts over meters (How we measure RF radiation)

Let’s Start By Listing The Recommended EMF Levels

Factors that influence the EMF exposure in our homes

Before we get started on this list I’d like to clarify what the recommended maximum levels are.

We are talking about two different types of radiation here:

You can also start with this article about “what is EMF? if you need to understand some basics before we start to look at the actual values from the devices in our homes. It’s a great resource for people who are new to EMF radiation or people who want to make sure they understand the basics properly.

According to building biologists, these are the recommended levels of EMF in our houses:

EMF type Recommended level (day) Recommended level (night)
RF Radiation 0.2 V/m 0.06 V/m
Magnetic Fields (ELF) 1 mG 1 mG
Electric Fields (ELF) 10 V/m 1.5 V/m

Let me just quickly explain what these numbers mean.

We can make sure these numbers with a standard EMF meter. They have become very popular over the last couple of years which also means that they have become quite affordable.

When I first got into the world of EMF and radiation I started looking at what equipment building biologist and scientists were using in videos and guides.

I found that most of them were using this EMF meter (link to our review) but luckily it isn’t too expensive. You can typically find it for around $200.

1) Induction Cooktops

In many homes, induction cooktop stoves are the highest EMF emitting source. This is also the case in our house. We have a Siemens induction cooktop where the generator is placed around 2 inches from your body when you stand in front of it.

We have a problem with electromagnetic fields. There’s no RF radiation from the cooktops though as it doesn’t connect anything wirelessly so we are only talking about problems generated from the electric components.

Here are the numbers:

Distance Magnetic field Electrical field
1 inch 230 mG +1,000 V/m
3 inches 140 mG 400 V/m
1 foot 10 mG 100 V/m

We have more information on EMF from induction cooktops here.

2) Microwave Ovens

If you have a very powerful microwave oven it might be the biggest polluter of EMF in your house. In my case, we have a rather small micro oven so the readings here are lower than most other ovens.

As you can see below, the numbers for our microwave oven or actually a lot higher than the ones we can measure around our induction cooktops.

The reason why I didn’t place the micro oven at the top of this list is that we typically only use it for a couple of minutes.

When we are cooking we will often stand in front of the induction cooktop for more like 15 or 30 minutes so the amount of radiation is much higher.

Here are the readings:

Distance Magnetic field Electrical field
1 inch 350 mG 997 V/m
3 inches 220 mG 880 V/m
1 foot 80 mG 40 V/m

We have more information on EMF from micro ovens here.

3) Cell Towers

Cell towers are very bad too. Primarily because we can’t do anything about them. At least we can get rid of the microwave oven and we can add some distance to the induction cooktop when we use it.

We have a cell tower just across the street. As far as I can see, there’s only one transmitting device mounted on the roof.

These are the readings I get outside my front door.

EMF reading from cell tower with EMF meter

The number on my yes meter is close to 2 V/m. That’s exactly 10 times higher than what most building biologists recommend for private homes!

As soon as I move into my house it decreases significantly. But there is still a long way down to 0.2 V/m (the recommended maximum level of RF radiation in private homes)

4) Laptops

The next device on my list is the laptop. For many people, the smartphone or the tablet will be higher up on the list but for me personally, I use my laptop much more.

I have decided to switch off the Wi-Fi connection as well as the Bluetooth connection on my laptop and my computer. This means, that I will only use it with an ethernet cable inserted directly into the thing. By doing that, I can completely get rid of that RF radiation.

I still get a high reading on the electromagnetic fields, but these are not the main problem with this device. You just need to place it on a table or next to you (never on your lap!). As soon as you move it 1-2 feet away from your body the electromagnetic fields quickly decrease to the recommended levels.

5) Smart Meters

For many people, the smart meter in their home will be among the worst EMF polluters.

If you don’t know whether you have a smart meter installed in your home or not, you can check out here what smart meters look like. We have collected pictures of 21 different models and brands so you will know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Smart meters will typically emit radiation a couple of times per 10 minutes. Sometimes more or less, depending on which brand you have installed.

When the smart meter sends out your data to calibrate with the other meters in the neighborhood it will typically emit at these levels: 6 V/m. (recommended RF level is 0.2 V/m).

6) Ungrounded Electronics

When I started doing EMF readings all over our house I was very surprised to find that one of the main sources of radiation for us was ungrounded electronic devices.

It’s really important to ground your electronics such as laptops, TV screens, and electronic devices you use close to your body. This can be in your bedroom or in your living room.

As soon as we switch to a grounded cord the electric fields will (typically) decrease to the recommended levels.

As you can see below, I had a very strong electric field of around 155 V/m from my desktop. This is because it is filled around the metal frame and I have several computer monitors and my laptop placed on it. As soon as I grounded these devices the levels dropped to around 10 V/m (which is the recommended level).

7) Smart TVs

Smart TVs are also among the worst polluters in our home. For that reason, we have dedicated a separate article entirely for smart TVs and other types of screens we find in our homes.

Here’s our article with everything you want to know about radiation from smart TVs and computer screens.

8) DECT Wireless Phones

Wireless phones are pretty popular here in the states. They are not so popular in Europe anymore but in the United States, they are typically found in homes as well as workplaces.

They constantly emit high levels of RF radiation and you really need to get rid of this device as soon as possible.

The levels here can get extremely high. I don’t have this phone myself but I was able to find readings other places online. These phones can emit 13 V/m which is 65 times higher than the recommended level of RF radiation!

9) Smartphones

The worst thing about smartphones is that we tend to keep them in our pockets or press them against our ears when we use them. For this reason, radiation increases significantly.

Remember, that every time you cut the distance between you and a source of radiation in half you multiply the level of radiation four times.

If you read to find prints in the booklet that came with your smartphone you will also know that smartphones were never intended to be close to your body. Unfortunately, nobody reads this.

My iPhone is constantly emitting between 1.5-3 V/m when I measure the radiation right next to the thing. This is the amount of radiation you will get blasted into your head when you’re pressed against your ear.

(Remember, the recommended RF level is 0.2!)

10) Wifi Routers

The Wi-Fi router is typically the device in our house we pay the most attention to. This is because it’s visible and most people know there are radiation coming from this thing.

Here are the numbers:

Distance Radiation
0 inches 6.7 V/m
1 inch 3.7 V/m
5 inches 2.6 V/m
1 foot 1.3 V/m

As I mentioned above, I try to switch off the wireless signal and our house. I have installed ethernet cables 4 different places in the house in order to avoid the wifi signal.

11) Wireless Speakers

Many people have wireless speakers installed. This can be a little Bluetooth player or a bigger system like Sonos.

All of them are relying on either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals are RF radiation and we want to get rid of these things because they send out a constant signal in order to communicate two-ways with our wifi routers.

The speaker I use before I learned about EMF radiation was at Jawbone. It emits around 2-3 V/m when you measure the RF radiation close to it.

The jawbone speaker system is only relying on the Bluetooth signal. The numbers would only get higher if you are using the system that connects over the Wi-Fi signal.

12) Electrical Wiring

How wifi radiation is blocked in walls

That electrical wiring inside your house runs inside the walls and the floor. It creates two types of ELF radiation: Electric fields and magnetic fields.

As soon as you connect and turn on any electronic device you will get magnetic fields. The electric fields would be there even though you haven’t turned the thing on. This can get a little complicated and you can read much more about the difference between magnetic and electric fields in our article here.

The key here is to ground all your electric devices. On top of that, it’s recommended to turn the breakers off to the bedroom in order to switch off all electrical wires in your walls at night.

Before we did that I would get very strong electric fields around our bed because we had power outlets and lamps next to our bed. I completely eliminated this electric field by switching off the power at the breaker panel.

Before I did that I had electric field levels around 100-200 V/m when I measured the number where my head is at night!

13) Under-The Floor Heating

Many people have installed heating underneath the floor. It’s very convenient and it’s great to wake up to a warm floor but the problem is that it will emit a constant level of electromagnetic fields.

We have seen readings around 30 mG when we used the EMF meter around 1 foot above the ground. This is 30 times stronger magnetic fields than recommended.

You need to turn off the floor heating if it’s not running on water heating pipes. Electric heating in the floor is just a very bad idea. Especially if you are sensitive to EMF radiation.

14) Electric Blankets

Another really bad idea is electric blankets. People often use these in the wintertime to keep warm in bed or on the couch.

When you place an electric blanket directly on top of your skin you will constantly be exposed to between 10-20 mG. (10-20X the recommended maximum levels)

15) Bedside Clock Radios

These little devices are very problematic because we typically placing right next to our heads when we are sleeping. This is the time where all parties need to rest and recover and it’s not the time to get exposed to radiation.

Typical levels for clock radios are between 5-10 mG.

This is measured around 3 feet (1 meter) away from the device. This is 5 to 10 times higher than the recommended level.

16) Infra-Red Heaters & Saunas

I have an infrared heater installed below our awning. I thought this was a great way to keep warm outside when the temperature drops at night. At least that’s what they said at the store (and then I learned about radiation!).

I did my own measurements for magnetic and electric fields. As it turns out, there are no problems here.

The infrared light coming from these devices is what heats up your body when you sit next to it and it is also found inside infrared saunas.

An infrared sauna off and be embedding around 80 mG. Much more than the recommended level which is the slowest 1 mG. But This depends a lot on the specific model and how far you are away from the source.

These readings were done at around 2-3 feet away from the heating source. You will need to do your own readings in order to know exactly how your infrared heater is doing.

17) Hair Dryers

Have dryers are also typically mentioned when we talk about EMF polluting devices in our homes.

I recently did some readings on an OBH hairdryer:

Here are the readings:

Distance Magnetic field Electrical field
1 inch 230 mG 206 V/m
3 inches 50 mG 65 V/m
1 foot 3 mG 8 V/m

Remember, this is another device we use close to your body. That’s always a bad idea. We don’t want these sources close to the bodies. We want them as far away as possible or switched off.

18) Game Stations

Most families have a game station connected to their TV or a computer screen. Many kids will also have them in their room to play with.

Even though these devices are marketed as toys they are typically emitting way too high levels of RF radiation and Bluetooth signals.

We have written extensively about Xbox radiation in this article. The Xbox is one of the worst among the gaming consoles out there because the radiation levels are extremely high. Even though you turn it off it will still be sending out RF and Bluetooth signals.

You should always use game stations and gaming consoles wait wired hand controllers. That’s the best way to rid use the radiation. We don’t want any wireless technologies sending signals directly toward your just because you don’t care for 10 feet of wire between you and the game station.

On top of that, you might need to cover or block the signal from the main box itself. But You can read much more about that in the link above to our article about the Xbox system.

19) Baby Monitors

Before I learned about EMF I used to place a wireless baby monitor right next to my toddler’s head when they were sleeping. That’s a horrible idea. It gave me a feeling of safety that was a very uninformed choice.

Here are the readings:

Distance RF Radiation
1 inch 3.5 V/m
1 foot 1 V/m

Remember, the safe levels are around 0.2 V/m and Building biologist advise no more than 0.06 V/m at night time.

But things get worse. Babies are typically three times more receptive to radiation than adults. This is because they have smaller skulls, weaker bones, and more water in their bodies.

So it’s an absolutely horrible idea to place an RF emitting device next to our babies!

We have written a long article here about how to create EMF-free environments for babies. It will teach you everything you need to know about how to keep your baby and your unborn child safe from EMF.

20) Power Lines

Hopefully, you live far away from power lines and high-voltage substations.

They create strong electromagnetic fields. We also get higher readings around the generators that convert the power from high voltage to fit the power we need for our houses.

The good news is that you don’t need to at too much distance to the power lines in order to stay safe. If we are talking about a standard street pole power line (33 kV) you need less distance than if we are dealing with high voltage (400 kV).

In another of our articles, you can read exactly how far you need to stay from powerlines.

21) Wireless Headphones

The is a ton of different wireless headphones. They rely on Bluetooth technology in order to communicate with your phone or anything else that can transmit a Bluetooth signal.

I personally owned a set of bullets in-ear headphones from the Chinese brand OnePlus. One plus is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones and they have a reputation off producing devices that emit high levels of EMF.

Here is the reading from my OnePlus Bullets earphones:

Location RF Radiation
The battery box 3 V/m
The earpieces 1 V/m

The battery box is placed around your neck and the earpiece obviously goes into your ear. This means that the earpiece will be as close to your brain as practically possible. A horrible idea when we are trying to get rid of radiation around our brains!

The recommended level for RF radiation is 0.2 V/m!

22) Wired Headphones & Headsets

So what about a wired headset? I recently did some readings on the electric fields around my headset from Logitech. I have been using this USB headset for quite some time because it had the highest ratings on Amazon.

But I was quite shocked when I measured the electric fields radiating directly into my head from the earpieces.

We don’t have RF radiation because there’s no wireless communication going on but we certainly have strong electromagnetic fields.

headset with electric field

As you can see, we have an electric field of around 113 V/m. This was not a constant electric field but it certainly spiked way too often. It’s more than 10 times above the recommended levels from building biologist.

23) Refrigerators

Refrigerators and freezers have generators in order to lover is the temperature. These generators create strong electromagnetic fields around them when they are running.

The same goes for electrical motors which we typically find in home appliances around the kitchen and the washing room.

Here are the readings:

Distance RF Radiation
1 inch 23 mG
1 foot 1 mG

As you can see, the electromagnetic field quickly decreases as we move away from the fridge. It’s always important to keep some distance to the refrigerator and is typically easy to do when we place them in the kitchen.

The problems arise when we stack the fridge and the freezer directly up against a wall inside our house. This will always create strong electromagnetic fields on the other side of the wall.

You need to make sure that nobody is sitting or sleeping right next to the wall at the other side of the fridge of the freezer. You can learn more here in an article we have written especially about EMF from refrigerator and freezers.

24) Electric Beds

It can be very comfortable to have an electric bed and it’s typically recommended for seniors and people with disabilities. But most physicians and nurses are not aware off the radiation levels that typically emits from the beds.

The problem here will be electromagnetic fields (ELF radiation).

Electric bets will have a power converter in order to convert the power to fit the system. These converters have transformers inside them and emit EMF.

I’ve seen readings close to 300 V/m when we measure close to the converter.

That’s the electric field. On top of that, we also have magnetic fields which can be 10-20 mG on the surface of the bed.

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem if you simply place the converter on the floor because you would have a few feet of distance to your body. But an electric bed is built around a metal frame that will direct the electric fields into the bed itself.

If you’re going to use an electric bed you should always make sure to use a grounded cord. That’s very important in order to keep the electromagnetic fields as low as possible.

If you have an electric bed you can simply just pull out the power cord in order to kill the electromagnetic fields. You should only plug it in when you need to use it. Place an extension cord close to your bed so you don’t have to get out of your bed in order to plug it in. This will eliminate the problem.

But remember, as long as the bed is plugged into the power socket the electric fields will be there. Also when the motor and the system is not turned on. You need to remove the power cord in order to get rid of the electric fields.

25) Spring Mattresses With Metal Inside

Just like the electric beds, it’s also a very bad idea to use a spring mattress with metal springs if you are very sensitive to EMF radiation.

It’s recommended not to use mattresses and beds with metal parts in them. This is because the electrical parts can make this thing work like a giant antenna that attracts magnetic fields and electric fields where you’re sleeping.

A very bad idea.

You can find videos from manufacturers of spring mattresses and they will show you videos and examples of very low readings on electric and magnetic fields around their mattresses. Typically around 0.1 mG. But the electromagnetic fields are actually not what we are most concerned with around our mattresses.

We are more concerned with the RF radiation that comes from Wi-Fi routers and countless wireless signals inside your house. This will be picked up by metal parts and my best guess is that they can get amplified 20-30% even though I haven’t measured it.

This shouldn’t be a problem if you go completely radio silent in your bedroom. There should be no signals to pick up and that’s exactly how we want our bedroom to be. But if you are living right next to other people who have cell phones and Wi-Fi routers turned on at night it’s a bad idea to sleep on a mattress with metal parts inside.

All these little springs will work as a giant antenna that catches some of the RF radiation you have in the room.

It’s hard to put an exact number on how much radiation you would get from this but you should definitely go with a foam mattress if you are hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields.

26) Printers

Most printers you can get for home use these days are connected wirelessly over a Wi-Fi signal. The same goes for the printer we have in our bedroom.

Our printer is actually located 1 foot away from our heads when we are sleeping at night:

Before I learned about EMS radiation I had this thing turned on 24-7. Our router was placed in the next room so the printer would have to communicate directly through our bed and expose us to RF radiation all night. Today I obviously shutting off the power to the printer completely every time I’m not using it.

Here are the readings for the printer:

Distance RF Radiation
1 inch 2.5 V/m
1 foot 0.8 V/m

27) Breaker Panels

Depending on how well your house is wired you might have a lot of dirty electricity coming from your breaker boxes. In some countries, this can also be where the power is converted by a transformer to fit your household.

In our house, I actually have pretty low readings around our breaker panels. Even though we have a lot of dirty electricity it doesn’t seem to be present around our breaker panels.

The number I get around our breaker panels are close to 100 V/m. That’s alright because these are readings done within 0.5 feet from the breaker panel. As soon as I move the EMF meter for further away I quickly get to the safe levels around 10 V/m.

But it’s important that you don’t think you are in the same position here. You might have totally different values when you turn an EMF meter on close to your breaker panels.

Here’s a link to the EMF meter we are recommending. It’s crucial that you do your own readings or have a certified building biologist look at your breaker panel if you suspect that it is emitting high levels of radiation.

28) Electric Panels And Outlets

Electrical outlets can be problematic too. This is especially a problem if your electrical wiring isn’t grounded.

We live in an old house from the 40s and all our electrical panels lack proper grounding. This is a big problem because as you can see below, we get very strong electrical fields around our electric panels.

Below I am measuring levels around 300 V/m when I place my EMF meter close to the electric panels.

There are two very easy ways to fix this problem and one very complicated one.

Let’s start with the complicated way of fixing this issue which would be to change the wiring in the whole house. This would be extremely expensive and in our case is simply not possible because it is not our house. We are tenants.

But luckily, there are two other ways to fix this issue:

  1. Add distance
    As with all sources of radiation, distance is your friend. The easiest way to remove the radiation is typically to simply to remove the source of the radiation physically. If that’s not possible you can always remove yourself. You only need to add 2-3 feet distance to your electrical outlets in order to get to save levels when we are talking about electromagnetic fields.
  2. Ground everything
    I recently talked to a certified building biologist because I was getting these high readings all over our house and I simply didn’t know what to do about it. He told me to get grounded cords for all my electronics. The problem is that our house is so old that it doesn’t have to proper grounding (earthing). But I did manage to find a couple of electrical outlets with a proper grounding connection in the kitchen. So, I’m in the process of installing long extension cords from the kitchen to our living room.

29) Adjustable Tables

I use a table with adjustable height. It’s very convenient because I need to stand up when I work in order to avoid back problems.

But adjustable tables are typically powered by pretty strong electrical motors and they will also have a transformer in order to convert the power.

These things are always problematic when we look at electromagnetic fields.

As I mentioned above, I recently had a good chat with a local building biologist about this problem and he told me to cut the power to the table every time I’m not using it. Also when I’m actively working in front of it.

It’s a bit of work to take the power cord in and out every time I want to raise or lower the table but I guess it’s worth it. In the long run, I might install a switch to make it easier to cut the power.

Here you can see the high readings I get from the table:

It’s well above 150 V/m. This is way too high as the building biologist advised me to stay around 10 V/m.

This is happening because my power cords aren’t grounded. On top of that, I have strong electromagnetic fields around the motor that is used to move the table up and down.

The magnetic fields close to the electric motors around 5-6 mG. But it’s hard for me to separate all of these different sources of ELF radiation because I have to several chargers and converters running to power my monitors and my laptop.

This is often the problem with adjustable tables. We typically use them together with many other electrical devices such as computer monitors, lamps, printers, DECT phones, Bluetooth devices, speakers, and computers.

8 Other EMF Sources People Often Forget

Now we have looked at a long list of electrical devices and other things that you emit EMF radiation in our homes.

Let’s continue by looking at some of the things people often ask about when they are trying to emf-proof their houses. Some of these devices and things are completely harmless (as you will see) while others have valid grounds for concern.

We just wanted to switch on the EMF meter to show you exactly what happens around these devices.  It’s always nice to see practical examples also when the devices turn out to be clean or almost free of radiation.

This is also to demonstrate to you how easy it is to use the EMF meter. I’m constantly carrying it around in order to test everything. It’s so nice to be able to do your own testing.

If you want to learn more about the EMF meter we used you can check out our EMF meter review here.
(It’s a short review because I simply chose that EMS meter I saw building biologists and professionals use.)

30) Voltage Converters

Voltage converters are often used when people travel. We also use them when we want to insert electrical devices from other countries. Maybe you bought a hand mixer or a blender on your trip to Europe and you want to use them here in the United States.

Voltage converters use a transformer to transform your DC voltage to another output level.

Voltage converters vary a lot in and strength and the level of ELF they emit also varies a lot. Sometimes it will be around 20 mG and other times higher or lower.

The important thing to remember here is that by adding 1-2 feet distance to the source you will lower the level of ELF radiation significantly.

They are in many ways comparable to the other types of transformers we find in our homes. We have written a good article here that teaches you about EMF from transformers and chargers.

31) Electrical Heaters

Electrical heaters have electrical motors as well as a transformer to convert the power.

Electrical motors always emit high levels of electromagnetic fields. This is why it’s important to keep your distance to these machines.

This heater is running at 2000 Watts and it’s a small portable thing we bring when we go RVing or camping. These things typically work by heating the front and blowing out air across the heated section.

Here are the readings:

Distance Magnetic field Electrical field
1 inch 145 mG 372 V/m
3 inches 24 mG 96 V/m
1 foot 1 mG 23 V/m

It’s easy to see how quickly the electromagnetic fields decrease in intensity as you move away from the electrical heater.

32) Barcode Scanners & readers

Bar code scanners and readers are used frequently everywhere we want to keep track of inventory. This can be of the grocery store or anywhere else.

They are typically formed like little pen readers, laser scanners, or camera-based barcode readers. You can also use the camera inside your smartphone or an omnidirectional barcode scanner.

These devices are typically connected either wirelessly with wifi or with Bluetooth. They can also work with a USB cable. But remember, just because it is connected with a cable, it doesn’t mean that it will not emit RF radiation. There might still be wireless transmitters inside the thing even though you connected it to a USB cable (or similar).

My best guess would be that these devices are emitting RF radiation at the same levels as baby alarms. The technologies are very similar and you might find that your barcode scanner is emitting these levels:

Distance RF Radiation
1 inch 3.5 V/m
1 foot 1 V/m

33) CD Players & DVD Players

Cd players emit very low levels of EMF. You will find a little bit of electromagnetic field radiation because it runs on electricity but the levels will be close to the safe values set by building biologist.

They will be close to 1 mG for magnetic fields and 10 V/m for electric fields.

Another reason why they aren’t problematic is that we typically use them at a distance. As long as we are not talking about portable cd players and DVD players, you shouldn’t worry about ELF radiation.

I guess the days off portable cd players are gone, right?

34) Computer Monitors

Computer monitors are also green listed in my book because they typically don’t connect to anything wirelessly.

They are much better to use than smart TVs because they are what we call “dumb devices”. As you have probably guessed, I’m not a big fan of smart devices that connect wirelessly to whatever they can.

We have written extensively about TVs and radiation here. It’s important to know some basic stuff about TV screens and radiation because they can quickly become the worst source of EMF in your house!

35) Digital Cameras

The latest digital cameras on the market have also started to use wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Luckily, you can sometimes turn this on and off as you wish. But this is not always the case. This is something you need to find out before you get a new camera.

We need to care about RF radiation from digital cameras because they are one of the countless devices we hold directly in our hands as we use them. Some people will also (still) look directly into them when they use them, which means they can expose the brain to RF radiation.

I personally use one of the latest cameras from Sony. It does have the option to connect wirelessly but I didn’t turn it off and there’s practically no RF radiation being admitted from the camera.

36) Digital Watches

A digital watch that doesn’t have any sort of smart features is what we can call a “dumb watch”. Just make sure it doesn’t connect to either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I don’t think the tiny battery inside it is not a problem unless you’re extremely sensitive to EMFs.

More and more digital watches are turning into what we call smartwatches.

Smartwatches always emit RF radiation as they constantly connect to other Bluetooth devices as well as your wifi routers. Or try to. The same goes for fitness trackers and other smart devices you carry on your body.

The latest generation of the Apple watches can also connect to a cellular network and now you have all 3 problems:

  1. Wifi EMF
  2. Bluetooth EMF
  3. Cellular EMF

I definitely wouldn’t wear an Apple watch all day. I would switch flight mode on and off so it only emits radiation when I need it to send or receive information.

37) Ethernet Cables

I didn’t think there would be any EMF radiation from my ethernet cables. I just did some readings and I found that there’s a little bit of electric field going on around the cable. I didn’t measure any magnetic fields and certainly not an RF radiation.

Even though I got some shielded cables I was able to measure around 40 V/m from the electric field.

This shouldn’t be a problem for most people but if you are hypersensitive to EMF you can just make sure to keep them at least 1 or 2 feet away from your body.

38) Fiber-optic Cables

So what about fiber-optic cables, do they emit EMF radiation?

No. Fiber-optic cables are your friends. They are based on a technology that uses light to transfer the data inside the cables.

It’s a really great option for all of us who care about EMF because there’s simply no EMF radiation being emitted from fiber-optic cables.

39) Hearing Aids

Here’s another device we used inside our ears. We should always be concerned when we are dealing with stuff we wear directly on our skin. Especially when we place them on our heads or even inside our ears.

Several newer generations of hearing aids (such as products from Oticon) are using wireless technologies. They will typically use Bluetooth technology and sometimes they won’t even connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi signals.

This is obviously a big deal when we consider the health risks from EMF exposure.

We don’t want anything close to our brains that connects to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals. This is RF radiation and we want it far away from my bodies.

If you need hearing aids you should inform your physicist or doctor that you will not be willing to receive hearing aids that rely on Bluetooth or other wireless technologies.

You need to be prepared to repeat this several times as most people don’t know about the dangers of EMF.

40) Car Keys & Smart Keys

Your car key will typically be able to unlock the car from a distance. Some car keys will also be able to unlock the car as soon as you approach it. They will often rely on radio frequency technology which is what we call RF radiation.

The car key from my Ford only emits RF radiation as I push the button.

This means that it is safe when it’s in my pocket.

As soon as I click on the thing it will email to RF radiation around 0.8-0.9 V/m which is quite high for such a little thing. But I don’t worry too much about it as it doesn’t seem to email to radiation constantly.

You will have to check your own car keys and smart keys in order to find out how much radiation they emit.

41) Garage Door Openers

Your garage door opener probably has a remote control that you keep in your car. It’s always a bad idea to keep RF emitting devices inside your car because it is basically a big metal box. The radiation will get bounced around inside the metal frame.

The part with the motor inside which you have installed at the ceiling will emit quite a lot of electromagnetic fields.

Electric motors always create electromagnetic fields but it’s not a big problem because you are typically inside your car as it runs. Either way, it’s placed at the ceiling so it shouldn’t be too close to your body.

The box will emit around 4-5 mG when you measure it from a 3 feet (1 meter) distance.

42) Smoke Detectors

The cheap smoke detectors you can get at the grocery store will not emit EMF radiation. I have installed several of these in our house and I have done several readings on them. They are clean.

This is not to say that you cannot get smoke detectors that connect over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You certainly can. Everything can be connected to wifi these days.

Just make sure to get some really cheap ones and make sure there are no signs of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi signals on the box.

43) Servers

Servers are basically big computers. They are running constantly because they will need to keep something online and accessible either over a local or internet-connected network.

They contain a lot of electrical parts as well as electric fans and transformers that convert the power that goes into them. So we are dealing with ELF radiation here and you should expect magnetic and electrical fields around servers.

You will need to use a grounded electrical cord in order to avoid excessive electromagnetic fields. As long as you do this and keep some distance to the thing you are good to go.

It’s also a good idea to connect everything with ethernet cables. That’s a must if you want to get rid off the Wi-Fi signal. It’s also a much more stable and secure way to connect servers.

44) VoIP Phones

VoIP phones are great alternatives to smartphones and DECT phones.

They are great because you are able to connect them with an ethernet cable. By doing so, you can create a completely EMF-free phone.

You just need to make sure they are not trying to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Many people think they are removing the EMF radiation as soon as they use a cable connection. This is also true as long as you make sure you also turn off (all) the wireless signals.

45) Radios

Radios send out RF radiation. They rely heavily on radiofrequency transmissions.

Radios are also able to pick up the low-frequency ELF radiation. Whenever you place an old AM radio close to a breaker panel with dirty electricity it will start buzzing.

How much radiation to expect from a radio depends a lot on the transmitter and the receiver inside the radio. You will have to measure your own radio with an EMF meter because it’s practically impossible to predict how much radiation you will get from it.

But you will definitely get RF radiation from both AM and FM radios.


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