About Us

My name is George Willington, and I started researching the topic of mobile radiation as my wife and I heard about the effects it can cause. My wife is affected by it and we are currently planning to relocate to get away from cell towers.


I have a background in Information Science and telecommunications.

My interest in the topic of EMF radiation is two-fold:

  1. I have studied Information Science and worked with router communication, Wi-Fi network, and fiber optics communication during the last 5 years. So I consider myself well-educated on parts of the technical aspects of the problem.
  2. I am married to a wonderful girl who is hyper-sensitive. She can literally feel high levels of EMF radiation on her skin when she is near strong Wi-Fi signals or other sources of electromagnetic fields like induction stoves.

I have made it a mission to create a site with unbiased and precise information on what is happening around us in regard to radiation and magnetic fields from all our electronic devices such as:

Or here on Quora.

  • Cell towers
  • Wireless routers
  • Wireless smart meters
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro ovens
  • Etc.

As it turns out, there are a ton of things you can do in order to protect yourself and reduce the amount of radiation around you (and your family!).

I hope the site will help people find out what’s going on around them and serve as a resource to broaden the awareness about EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields) in our urban and suburban areas.

There is wireless radiation everywhere today, so it’s important that we wake up and realize how this affects us all.

It is an area of science that is being heavily explored and researched as we speak. But a recent study has revealed that the data are heavily influenced by lobbyists from the mobile cell phone manufactures. From taking a look at the recent studies, the data speak for themselves.

A majority of the studies, which were wholly or partly funded by the cellphone companies, showed that we don’t have to worry about EMF while independent studies showed a very different picture.

We try our best to show the complete picture with objective facts. It’s not our mission to either scare people or to create unnecessary worry. We simply try to enlighten people with the real story and what the unbiased data shows.

If you are new to EMF, I strongly recommend you start with this article.

It will teach you all the basics and you should be a lot less confused afterward!

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You can reach me here: george@emfcaution.com