Recommended Products

Two Books We Recommend For Beginners

  1. Non-Tinfoil Guide To EMF, by Nicolas Pineault
    A REALLY easy to read and a great book. Nick is one of the pioneers in the field of EMFs and he has a gift of being able to write to laymen. He’s very down to earth and does a great job.
    This is the first book I read that I actually understood page to page and I’m sure you will get great value from it as well.
  2. Radiation Nation, by Daniel & Ryan Debaun
    This is another great book. You can learn a lot from Daniel and Ryan. Father and son who are also the founders of – an online store we can really recommend.
    Daniel used to work in Silicon Valley in the telecom industry. When he realized the truth about EMF radiation he quit and started working on solutions to protect people instead (Check out his products here).

EMF meter

We LOVE the Cornet EMF Meter. Read our review here or you can check the current prices here on Amazon.

Cornet ED88TPlus review

An EMF meter is the most vital part of getting to the bottom with EMF in your home. You will need this instrument to locate the big sinners among your electronics and the wiring.

Phone Cases

A phone case can reduce your EMF levels significantly. It’s probably one of the best investments you can do to reduce EMFs because people tend to keep their phones close their bodies.

We can fully recommend these phone cases.
Here are a few pictures of the designs:

Smartphone covers and cases with EMF protection

Smart Meter Covers

Smart meters are one of the main sources of EMF radiation in our homes today. They emit big loads of EMF (typically) two times per minute in order to synch with other smart meters around the block and in order to transmit data about your electricity consumption.

We can recommend these models here. They block around 95-98% of the radiation so you don’t have to remove the meter. The meter can still communicate to the utility company.

These covers are also great! (click to check the price at Amazon)

It may look like a simple thing but it’s actually a rather complex solution. These guys know what they are doing and you should just stick to the model we link to above and you are good to go.

Air Tube Headphones

These Air Tube Headphones are excellent. They have a very good and clear sound and they emit almost zero EMFs.

There are many other great products out there and Defender Shield is the place to start in our opinion.

EMF radiation free earbuds

Daniel Debaun is behind this shop. He is the author of Radiation Nation, which is a great book to read if you are new to EMF or want to learn more. Daniel has 30′ years of experience as an engineer in the Telecom industry before he started creating all the products that he couldn’t find back then. Daniel really knows his stuff!

EMF Shielding Paint (for walls)

This paint used to be really hard to come by. But luckily, it is now accessible as the manufacturer has started selling it on Amazon.

You can find it here.

It’s blocking close to 99% of the EMF radiation your house is exposed to and it’s perfect for creating a radio silent bedroom or house.