Wifi Radiation vs Sun Radiation: How Strong Is It?

You have probably heard by now that Wi-Fi radiation can be dangerous. But how does that compare to the radiation from the sun?

Let’s take a closer look at Wi-Fi radiation and radiation from the sun.

Abbreviations used in this article:
EMF: Electromagnetic Fields (All types of radiation)
RF: Radio Frequencies (Radiation from wifi, cell towers and other wireless technologies
V/m: Volts over meters (How we measure RF radiation)

How Is Radiation From The Sun And Wifi Different?

First, we need to clarify what the difference is between these two types of radiation.

  • Wi-Fi radiation is what we call RF radiation.
    “RF” stands for “radio frequencies” and we are not talking about your FM radio here. It’s just an old term that was developed in 1900 but it includes most of the different types of wireless signals we surround ourselves with. Including Wi-Fi.
  • Sunlight radiation is UV-light
    The radiation from sunlight includes visible light, UV light (ultraviolet light), and infrared light. But when we are talking about the solar radiation that we need to worry about with typically talk about the UV light. It’s the part of the sunlight that will give you a tan and if you don’t limit the exposure it can also burn your skin, as you know.

Now we know the technical terms but what does this really mean?

Wi-Fi radiation is a completely other type of radiation than sunlight. The frequency is much lower which is also why we typically refer to it as low-frequency radiation. This also means that the radiation is less dangerous if we compare the two at the same amount of radiation.

The problem arises when we talk about how much we are getting exposed to wi-fi radiation compared to radiation from the sun.

How Strong Is Sun Radiation Compared To Wifi Radiation?

Radiation from sunlight is roughly 1 kW/m2 on a sunny day according to Wikipedia.  This is the same as 1,000 W/m2.

That is equivalent to 19.4 V/m.

These are RF radiation levels I took on my wifi router signal a couple of days ago:

Distance Radiation
0 inches 6.7 V/m
1 inch 3.7 V/m
5 inches 2.6 V/m
1 foot 1.3 V/m

As you can see, we are not very far away from the 19.4 V/m we get from the sun.

The problem arises when we start calculating how many hours per day (and night!) we are exposed to Wi-Fi radiation compared to sunlight radiation. Now it gets pretty critical because the radiation from our Wi-Fi signal the same type of radiation that we find in a long list of other devices in our homes.

Is Wifi Realy More Dangerous Than Sunlight?

The problem here is not only how strong the radiation is but the length of time you are being exposed.

It’s pretty easy to block the radiation from the sun with sunscreen and we have been taught to do so from a young age. It’s also a type of radiation you are only exposed to during daytime and especially when you are in direct sunlight.

Wi-Fi is another story.

You are constantly being bombarded by Wi-Fi signals and other sources of RF radiation from all over the place. These are a few of the typical sources of RF radiation:

  • Wifi routers
  • Cell towers
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Baby monitors
  • Smart meters
  • Smart TVs

The problem with RF radiation is that it’s always two-way communication. This means that you don’t have to be near the wifi router in order to be exposed to the RF radiation. When you are sitting near your laptop or smartphone (which is connected to the Wi-Fi over the router) it will be sending and transmitting data all the time.

Every time you ask your computer to pull up a new webpage or if you’re downloading and uploading content you are being exposed.

You actually don’t have to use the Internet actively. As long as your device is connected to the Wi-Fi signal you will be exposed to the radiation.

So as you can see, you are being exposed 24-7 from a long list of devices. And this is the problem. Because small amounts of radiations tend to stack up when we look at the problem over several years or decades.

We simply don’t know what the long-term effects are of RF radiation. This is because it’s a fairly new technology that has only been around for a couple of decades. Within a few more decades we will know more about how the radiation affects our bodies.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to wait for the results to be conclusive before I start taking precautions about this. The problem is that the levels of RF radiation are increasing exponentially these years. We keep adding more and more wireless devices in our homes such as smart meters, connected thermostats, intelligent lightbulbs, smart TVs, etc.

Several studies have shown a decrease in cell damage when we expose rodents to RF radiation. This is causing a lot of scientists and biologists to raise flags about our current use and implementation of cell towers and other wireless technologies. Within a few years, we will probably have 5G antennas on our street lamps as well as school buildings and we don’t know for sure how it affects us.

In his book “Radiation Nation”, Daniel Debaun shares a lot of results from medical studies and experiments. He shows a direct link between EMF and insomnia, stress, brain fatigue, brain fog, and the long list of other problems.

How To Protect Yourself From Wifi Radiation

As we mentioned above, it’s pretty easy to shield yourself from the sunlight radiation but how about the Wi-Fi radiation?

It’s not as easy as putting on sunscreen. That’s for sure.

Here’s what you can do to protect yourself from the Wi-Fi radiation in order to make it less harmful:

  • Turn off the wifi signal and use a wired connection.
    This probably sounds extreme if you are new to RF radiation. But this is what many scientists and building biologist are advising at the moment. By shutting off the Wi-Fi signal and installing Ethernet cables to your laptop you will be able to remove this radiation completely.
  • Don’t carry your smartphone in your pocket
    Another very important thing to remember is to never have your smartphone in your pocket. Unless you have switched it to flight mode in order to kill the Bluetooth, the cellphone signal and the wifi signal. If you read the fine print in the manual for your smartphone you will find that all the smartphone manufacturers are including information about this. They are required to leave a note that you should never hold your phone closer to your body than one inch.
  • Use a smartphone EMF shield cover
    You can also remove the radiation from your phone by using one of these RF shielding smartphone cases. They are developed and designed by Daniel DeBaun who I have referenced several times in my articles.
  • Read this article for a lot more tips on how to shield yourself from wifi radiation (RF radiation)

The most important thing here is to know exactly how much radiation you have in your home. The only way to do this is by using an EMF meter.

Here’s the one I use:

The Cornet is an instrument used professionals and amateurs alike for measuring these things. It’s actually quite affordable and easy to use. You can read more about it here (with a list of what it can test for).

Be aware of cell towers

Now we have looked at some of the things you can do to limit their exposure from your own devices. They are easy to control because you know exactly where they are and they are yours to remove or shut off.

Matters get worse when we are talking about cell towers outside your window. These are the cell phone antennas that emit the signal for 3G, 4G, and soon 5G.

You can read more here about the difference between wifi radiation vs cell towers radiation.

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