12 Low-Cost Ways To Reduce EMF Radiation (Offices & Workstation)

Many of us spend as much as 1/3 of our adult lives at the office. So it’s really important to look at ways to reduce EMF radiation there.

Here are 12 easy ways you can reduce EMF radiation at the office.

It’s not always easy to get your boss or your colleagues excited about the idea but these are some easy things we can typically do without having to ask anybody.

1) Get Chargers & Electrical Wires Away From Your Body

Before I learned about EMS radiation I had a long cable tray hanging below my table. It would actually touch my knees whenever I sat to close to the desk.

I have since removed all the cables and chargers all the way toward the back off the table. This is what it looks like now:

This is an office desk from IKEA with adjustable height. You can see how it is designed to have all the cables running between the two white metal frames at the center of the table. But it was fairly easy to drill a couple of holes into the tabletop in order to remove the cable tray bag toward the wall.

By doing that I was able to get all the electric chargers and the cables one foot away from my knees when I sit down and 2.5 feet away from my knees when I stand.

Here are some readings on the electromagnetic fields from before and after:

Electric field EMF Magnetic field EMF
Before (1 inch) 638 V/m 70 mG
After (2 feet) 60 V/m 1 mG

I do stand up in front of my desk most of the time so this is a great solution for me.

Obviously, I still need to work on the electrical fields around my table but I haven’t gotten down more than 10X! I was very surprised to find that high levels of electromagnetic fields around the transformer for my 4K screen.

I really enjoy the high resolution on my screen but I might have to sacrifice in order to get below the 10 V/m that is advised by most building biologists.

2) Charge Your Laptop During Meetings & Breaks

I am using a Mac book Pro computer on my table and it’s typically plugged into the charger when I’m using it.

But after I learned about EMFs and how they affect our health I also learned that it’s a really bad idea to have the charger plugged into your computer while you’re using it. Especially if you are you using a power cable that isn’t grounded.

Here are some readings from my MacBook Pro to show you what I mean.

Electric field EMF Magnetic field EMF
Charging 20 V/m 18 mG
Not charging 6 V/m 12 mG

Note: I measured these numbers from directly above the keyboard on the computer. This is where most people placed their hands during the workday if they are not using a separate keyboard and mouse (we will get back to that).

All the radiation levels are lowered as soon as you distance yourself away from the computer as we will look at in the next tip.

3) Avoid Headsets (Use This Instead)

Many people on the Internet hotel you to use a wired set of headphones. This is because we always preach to wire everything instead of using a wireless connection.

This is also true when we are talking about internet connections, keyboards, etc.

But when we’re talking about headphones it’s not enough to just use a wired set of headphones. They might be better than the Bluetooth headset but they are still emitting higher levels of electric fields.

At my workplace, I have a wired headset from Logitech. They are among the highest rated headsets when I look at Amazon, but they do emit very high levels of electric fields. That’s why I never let them near my head because I want to use the air tube headset instead. (more on them in a second).

Here you can see exactly how much electric field radiation they emit:

headset with electric field

I turned on my EMF meter to measure the electric fields and spikes at 113 V/m. That’s a way above the guidelines from building biologists who suggest no more than 10 V/m during the daytime.

It just feels so wrong to place a device in your head which is constantly emitting 10 times more EMF radiation than what the EMF experts are recommending.

These are the air tube headsets I was talking about above:

EMF radiation free earbuds

They are built differently than other headphones. They do not have the electrical wires going all the way into your ear pieces. Instead, they direct the sound through air tubes that are completely free of EMF. I must say that I was quite skeptical when I first heard about this technology they do have excellent sound.

You can find a link to the headphone at our recommended products page.

4) Use A Wired Keyboard

We want to remove the laptop away from our hands and our bodies. We can do that by placing it on a laptop stand and instead go for a wired keyboard on the table.

Many people prefer wireless keyboards (and they certainly are very well-designed!) but they will emit Bluetooth signals constantly which will cause RF radiation.

By removing the computer 2 feet away from you-you will lower the amount of radiation many times.

There’s another great thing about doing this which has to do with your posture. When you are placing the laptop on a laptop stand you can do so at an angle that lets the screen get elevated from the tabletop. This will help you look more straight out instead of looking down on the screen.

That will give you a better posture.

5) Turn Off The Bluetooth Signal

Bluetooth signals are also RF radiation. These are what we call radio frequencies and they are really bad for our health when we are being exposed to them constantly.

You can turn off the Bluetooth signal on the laptop but you will have to use a wired mouse.

This is a much better option for you because you are placing your hand on the mouse constantly and we don’t want our hands exposed to EMF radiation all through the workday.

You might think that EMF radiation around your hands is no big deal as they are pretty far away from your vital organs and your body.

But you would be wrong.

According to Daniel Debaun, the author of the excellent book “Radiation Nation” (link below) the blood in our bodies is circled for every couple of minutes. That means that you will expose your entire blood supply over and over again. It’s a low level of radiation, but it’s the constant radiation source. We want to get rid of the sources of EMF that are on constantly.

You can get the book here on Daniels excellent store. Danielle this one of the pioneers within the EMF community and he has created a list of really cool products that work really well. He used to work for the big telecom industry in Silicon Valley until he found out about EMF and the risks that come with it.

6) Place Your Desk Away From The Router

Even though you are using an ethernet cable to access the Internet you will still be exposed to the radiation that is emitted from the routers and the access points in the building.

You need to spot the router and all the different access points because they are some of the main polluters when it comes to EMF in the workplace.

An access point is practically the same as a router. It is put up in order to extend the signal from the router in case the router cannot reach all the corners of the office. It will send out to the same type of signal as the router and it will also be a very strong RF radiation source.

You can easily locate them because they are small boxes with antennas and they will typically have an ethernet cable running into them.

They will be placed at the ceiling or somewhere else with a good view in order to shoot the signal out as far as possible.

7) Avoid Dect Wireless Phones

DECT phones are some of the highest emitting radiation sources we have in our homes in our office.

You probably know them from your home or from the office. They are phones that are connected to the landline but work as a handheld wireless device.

They look something like this:

They are very bad because they emit very high levels of RF radiation. They are the first thing you should get rid of before you do anything else if this one is placed on your table.

Ask to have a wired phone installed on your desk instead. Or you could have a smartphone.

If you choose to have a smartphone turned on with a cellular or Wi-Fi signal you should use it with the defender shield covers. These covers work really great and I use them myself on my iPhone. They are designed and sold by Daniel Debaun, that guy I referenced earlier in the article.

8) Use A Wired Computer

The first thing, and probably the most important thing to fix, is to get rid of the wireless signal around your desk.

You probably cannot get the Wi-Fi router removed completely, but at least you can remove the receivers on your table.

When your computer is connected to the Internet over the router it is constantly sending and receiving information wirelessly. As soon as you plug in an ethernet cable instead you will reduce the amount of RF radiation around your desk significantly.

Now, you will “only” be exposed to the RF radiation that comes from the router and from all the other connected devices. That will probably still be a lot, but the worst sources are always those wireless devices that are right next to your body. Those we can typically get rid of.

Remember, distance is your friend when we are talking about EMF radiation.

Every time you double the distance to the source of radiation you will decrease the amount of radiation by four times.

9) Be Aware Of Cell Towers

You also need to pay attention to us a few external factors outside the building.

The main thing to look for here are the cell towers which are the sources of our cellular signals. They are constantly emitting high levels of RF radiation and if you are sitting next to the window you are probably more exposed to this radiation than your neighbors.

That’s no easy way to shield off this radiation. It can be done with EMF shielding paint and film over the windows, but this is not something you typically convince your boss to invest in. He will probably be more concerned with the sales numbers than EMF radiation readings.

The only thing to do here is to move.

As you can see, you will quickly be calculating whether it’s “better” to be closer to a Wi-Fi signal inside the building or a cell phone tower outside the building.

The only way to know for sure is to do your own EMF readings in the room. You can do so with an EMF meter which is actually not that expensive. It’s a great device you can bring with you because it is handheld and it fits in your pocket.

Here’s a picture of me holding it in front of a cell tower just across the street where I work. As you can see, the indicator at the right side of the screen is flashing the red light. This is because these numbers are way too high. It’s measuring 1.9 V/m and we only want around 0.2 for a safe environment.

EMF reading from cell tower with EMF meter

You can find a link to the meter I use at point 12 below.

10) Choose A Grounded Power Outlet

It’s important to choose a grounded power outlet for your electrical cords whenever possible.

By doing that, you will recuse the amount of dirty electricity around your devices. It’s important in order to have the dirty electricity directed into the ground instead of into the air around you.

You want to find a plug that looks like this:

Grounded electrical power cord

You might need to go out and buy a new electrical cord to get one of these for all your electrical devices. But before you do so you should check that the power socket in the wall can actually insert all 3 pins into the power socket.

You only need one power sockets with grounding.

You can then connect a power strip (with 3 pins) into the grounded socket in order to get more available slots for your plugs.

This is a tip most people don’t think about it because we concern ourselves more with other types of radiation. But, as it turns out, EMF around dirty electricity can have a very bad effect on our health as well.

11) Consider Gloves If You Are Extra Sensitive

If you are very sensitive to you miss radiation you might consider putting on gloves.

They will reduce the amount of radiation around your hands as you work with the keyboard, mouse, all of the other electronic devices on your workplace.

They are made of EMF blocking cloth but they look and feel like an ordinary set of gloves.

This is what they look like:

EMF protection gloves

You can check the price here on Amazon.

They are also highly recommended for people who work around kitchen machines and other electronic devices with strong electrical motors or transformers. These devices emit high levels of electromagnetic fields.

12) Measure, Measure, Measure

Since I got my EMF meter I have started to take EMF readings everywhere. I have been able to get rid of many sources around myself, my wife, and our toddler.

It’s not as hard as it sounds and you don’t need a higher degree in engineering in order to use these simple devices.

It’s impossible to guess where the radiation sources are and I can guarantee that you will be surprised when you start walking around with the meter in your hand.

The Cornet is an instrument used professionals and amateurs alike for measuring these things. It’s actually quite affordable and easy to use. You can read more about it here (with a list of what it can test for).

This meters great because it can measure several types of EMFs:

  • Magnetic fields (mG). 
  • RF Radiation (V/m)
  • Electrical Fields (V/m)

There are 3 sensors built into the device and it has a simple green-yellow-red indicator scale at the right side of the screen. That scale tells you when how strong the radiation is according to the recommended values from building biologists.


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