Are Wi-Fi Calls Safer Than 4G & GSM? 3 Things To Do Instead

You have probably heard the cell towers and smartphones emit radiation. So how do you go about making a safe phone call with as little radiation as possible?

Are Phone Calls Over Wifi Low EMF?
When you use your smartphone over wifi it will constantly emit RF radiation in order to communicate with the router. This is not more harmless than using the cellphone network.

Here’s exactly how you minimize the EMF radiation when you talk on your smartphone.

EMF Levels From Wifi & Cellular Networks Compared

Are you’re wondering whether you should turn off your cellphone signal and use wifi instead?

It depends on a lot of different factors but generally, you will not be exposed to less radiation from switching from 4G or GSM to a wifi network. This is because we are talking about two similar technologies that use the same type of radiation.

Whether you are talking on your phone over GSM are Wi-Fi you will be exposed to RF radiation. And that doesn’t make a big difference which one you choose if you are thinking about the amount of radiation you will be exposed to.

This is why:

When you are using your phone over Wi-Fi you are connected to a router nearby. This is not very different from being connected to a cell tower outside your house.

Your phone will be connecting and transmitting data to and from either the router or the cell tower all the time and the radiation level is very similar. Your router may emit a weaker signal but it is placed much closer to you because it’s in your house. The cell tower, on the other hand, will be emitting a much stronger signal but it’s typically placed much further away from your body.

So, what are the exact amounts of radiation from wifi vs. cellular networks?

It’s almost impossible to tell because she will always have a cell tower in the background when you are measuring the RF exposure from your wifi. That being said, I have tried to do the reading with my EMF meter inside my house and outside in front of the cell tower. Here you can see the numbers.

The first reading is inside my house in front of my wifi router. The second reading is 4 feet away from the first reading – just outside my front door where I have a cell tower around 300 feet (90 meters) from our hose.

RF radiation from cell tower measured from inside my house EMF reading from cell tower with EMF meter

The signal in front of my router is emitting 0.5 V/m at a distance of 5 feet (1.5 meters) from the router and the signal outside is closer to 1.9 V/m.

You Can’t Avoid Cell Tower Radiation By Using Wifi

The problem here is that you will still be affected by the radiation from the cell tower even though you go inside your house and call on the Wi-Fi.

Because the cell tower will still be emitting RF radiation toward you even though you are using your Wi-Fi. So you will always be exposed even inside your house. Unless you have covered your walls with EMF blocking paint as I have. In that case, You can definitely get much lower radiation from using your Wi-Fi.

But remember to distance yourself as far as possible to the router because the radiation is quickly decreased when you move array from the source. This follows the inverse-square law which says that every time you double the distance to the source of the radiation you will limit the exposure four times.

It’s important to always stay at least 5 to 7 feet away from the router.

Here are some numbers on how much RF radiation to expect from a standard router for home use (my router that comes from the internet company):

Distance Radiation
0 inches 6.7 V/m
1 inch 3.7 V/m
5 inches 2.6 V/m
1 foot 1.3 V/m

So, here are a couple of things you can do instead if you want to use your cell phone with as slow EMF exposure as possible.

3 Ways To Make Phone Calls With Low EMF

Now you know how it basically works. But There’s one more thing to consider here.

When you’re using your phone with Wi-Fi or cellular data you will constantly be receiving and transmitting RF radiation. So it’s really important to not keep the phone too to close to your body.

If you read the booklet that came with your phone you will find that the manufacturer is instructing you to never use the phone closer to your body than one inch.

They have to write this, in order to comply with the guidelines and rules from the FCC. Otherwise, the exposure levels of RF radiation would be too high for them to be allowed to sell the phone in the first place. Few people are aware of this but when you’re using the phone right next to your head you are actually heating your brain by more than 2 degrees.

Here’s what you should do instead.

1) Use Headphones

When you’re plugging in the headphones you are able to leave the phone at least 1 or 2 feet away from your body. This is a good safe distance and it was lower the amount of radiation substantially.

The best way to do this is to use air tube headphones. These are special headphones that are made in a way that they do not emit EMF radiation anywhere near the levels you get from normal headphones.

EMF radiation free earbuds

They are actually pretty cheap and they have excellent sound. This sound is delivered to your ears by air tubes instead of wires. You can find a link to them here.

Remember to always keep your phone at least one feet away from you and avoid wireless headphones because they use Bluetooth which is also a source of RF radiation.

2) Use The Phone On Speaker

By using your phone with the speaker you will be able to keep it in your hand or even better: leave it at the table in front of you.

By doing that, you are able to create a safe distance between you and the phone.

It might not seem like a big deal to remove it 1 or 2 feet away from you. But remember that every time you double the distance to your phone you decrease the amount of radiation four times. That’s why building biologist advice is to never use the smartphone any closer than 1 or 2 feet to the body. The same goes for tablets and laptops with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned on.

3) Use Facetime (Or Similar) Over A Cabled Connection

If you like to talk for long periods of time with your friends it’s better to completely get rid of the phone.

You can use applications such as FaceTime, Skype, etc. while you have your laptop connected via an Ethernet cable. When you plug your computer into the ethernet cable you are able to switch off the Wi-Fi signal completely as well as a Bluetooth signal.

This is exactly how I’m using my laptop right now but as I write this article. There’s absolutely no EMF radiation being emitted from my laptop and my cell phone is placed safely several feet away from my body.

Now you have three different ways to reduce the EMF radiation while talking on your phone. It’s important to take these things seriously especially if you are a young person. Because you will be exposed to while less radiation for the rest of your life (probably).

Kids Are Extra Exposed To Wifi And Cellular Signals

This is also why it’s extra important to protect our children in kids in schools and in our homes.

There are two reasons why kids are more affected by RF radiation than adults:

  1. They have a thinner and more fragile skull when they are still growing. This means that the radiation can more easily reach the brain cells as well as the rest of the body.
  2. They are going to be exposed to a ton of RF radiation from cell towers and Wi-Fi signals during their lifetime. The rest of us, have lived many years before these things were intended so we will be exposed to much less radiation over a lifetime.

It’s the amount of radiation over a lifetime that really counts because we are talking about low-frequency radiation in small doses all the time from a LONG (growing) list of sources.

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